vG-SDM003 Square Security Display Magnetic Mounting Holder for Cell Phone

vG-SDM003 Square Security Display Magnetic Mounting Holder for Cell Phone

Model No.︰vG-SDM003

Brand Name︰vGuard

Country of Origin︰-

Unit Price︰US $ 3 / pc

Minimum Order︰10 pc

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Product Description

Square Security Display Magnetic Mounting / Holder for Mobile Phone vG-SDM003

This Economic Display devices

Square Security Display Magnetic Mounting holder with Pull Box / Recoilers / tethers

widely used in various types of mobile phones, cameras, MP4 and other Consumer Electronics products for Mobile phone supermarkets, used for loss prevention security of telecom mobile Unicom, digital city, digital camera counters, GPS counters, MP4 counters, appliances hypermarkets, supermarkets and various small electronic products exhibition of digital vGuard® focuses on the terminal display product development and production of security, self-developed series of products on display real machine alarm.
  • Square Security Display Magnetic Mounting Specification:

  • Item Number:vG-SDM003
  • Square Mounting size:L42mm*W28mm*H26mm,
  • square Pull Box:L43mm*W43mm*H16mm
  • Material:ABS shell +Stainless steel rope +Magnets+3M adhensive tape
  • Steel cord diameter: 0.9mm
  • Pull Cable length:90-150cm
  • Available colors:white,black and so on
  • Minimum Order Quantity:100PCS
  • Delivery mode:by sea or by air
  • Delivery lead time:5days
  • Packing:1pc/opp bag,50pcs/polybag,400pcs/ctn,carton size:50*35*19cm
  • Square Security Display Magnetic Mounting Features:

  • 1) Mainly designed for secure displays of dummy mobile phones, mp3/mp4, PDA, GPS, and so on
  • 2) Retractable device with 3M adhensive tape and built-in recoiler connecting the samples which effectively prevent showing products from being stolen in exhibition, supermarket and shops,
  • 3) The cable inside the pull box kindly allows customers to take the sample on hands and try it freely
  • 4) Let the displaying items return in place accurately and quickly
  • 5) Take full advantage of the shop wall space to expand the actual exhibit space
  • 6) Reduce costs: the cost of shop space saving, sales personnel costs, cost management, and other aspects
  • 7) Secure&neat displays of merchandises, interactions between consumers and merchandises are realized with this product,thus better promote sales of open merchandises
  • Installation For Square Security Display Magnetic Mounting:

  • 1)Make a 5mm diameter hole on the display board/cabinet
  • 2)Make the steel arrow through the back of the display board,then tear off the 3M adhensive tape from the square/rectangle of the retractable display device and fix it on the display board/cabinet
  • 3)One end of steel arrow from the raised part ,throw the big hole,stay at small hole and fix!Then fix the mobile phone/mp3/mp4 with 3M adhensive tape
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