(6inch) Acrylic Pedestal Base for Tablet PC display

(6inch) Acrylic Pedestal Base for Tablet PC display

Model No.︰vG-ADH013

Brand Name︰vGuard

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 42 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Our new Apple Store Security Display Dock duplicates the look of the Apple Store display while providing a

convenient storage space for your iPad and Iphone.

In addition to the iPad , the dock also contains an upright docking station for holding an iPhone or iPod touch.

Now you can dock your iPad and iPhone just like the professionals do at the Apple Store. The new iPad Display Dock

is designed out of high-quality clear acrylic and provides the optimum viewing angle for your iPad while also docking

your iPhone (or iPod).

1. Apple store standard configure.
2. Transparent or Colorful eco-friendly Acrylic
3. This model can work with our alarm display devices to open display.
4. It can protect mobile phone and Tablet PC at the same time.
5. Crystal clear,Laser processing and polished, Eco-Friendly;
6. Easy to keep clean. Just use soap and a soft cloth;
7. Appearance: Fashionable, Elegant, Exquisite, Faddish;

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