EAS Milk bag hard Tag (vG-MT850)

EAS Milk bag hard Tag (vG-MT850)

Model No.︰vG-MT850

Brand Name︰vGuard

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 3.5 / pc

Minimum Order︰100 pc

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Product Description

 EAS milk bag hard tag (vG-MT850)

The Well Guard technology Co.,Ltd is a professor specialized in the EAS-tags production, research as well as development. Our brand – the WELL GUARD electronic goods monitoring label compatible with all existing 8.2MHz RF technology systems.The WELL GUARD disposable, paper-thin EAS labels are manufactured to the highest quality standard technology system. These labels can protect all the merchandise in a retail setting and are designed for application requiring maximum detection distance and deactivation height combined with minmum cost. vGuard EAS-RF labels are available pre-printed with dummy bar codes, or in plain versions which allow for imprinting of in-house bar codes, pricing information, and even merchandising messages using regular bar code Printers. 

 EAS milk bag hard tag (vG-MT850)
Physical Specifications EAS-Tags
Dimension 68mmX40mmX15mm
Shelf life of 2 years if stored at 10°to 25℃(50°to 70℉)and 35% to 65% RH
Service Temperature -40°to 60℃(-40°to 140℉)
Application Temperature above 0°(32℉)
*1Special-Adhesive available upon request
Ekectrucak Specifications Standard
Resonance Frequency 58KHz/8.2MHz/66KHz
Effective Signal Volume*2 ≧2400m3
Quality Factor Q≧80
Deactivation Fieldstrength*3 0.9A/m—1.5A/m
Operating Distance up to 2.2m(7.1ft.)in Gate Configuration
*2 Magn. Dipolemoment/Magn. Fieldstrength
*3 Non-Deactivatable available upon request
Box Packaging(Rolls) 20 Rolls
Box Packaging(Labels) 500pcs/ctn
Box Gross weight 12.8kgs/ctn (8.sMHz) 11.16kgs/ctn (58KHz)
Box Dimension 40.5X30.5X26cm
*4 Special Packaging Format available upon request

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